To give away marketing rights

For areas outside the German and English languages

As owner of all rights of library software Perpustakaan I, Christoph Müller, offer to interested entrepreneurs or companies to translate this software in any other language (except English and German) and to distribute it in appropriate countries with no transfer of royalties to me. In case of recognizable sales activity, I also offer to assign the distribution rights for a certain area exclusively. Entrepreneurs I offer beyond free elementary sales consulting.

Understandably, many will wonder why I want to do my work without profiting by it. That's why I would like to explain the motivation of this offer:
  1. I want to increase the international reputation of library software named Perpustakaan, which is a thousand times sold in the German-speaking world. Usage in other countries will also increase my sales expectations in my own language area.
  2. I want to give individuals a chance at a professional perspective. For example, people who are at the moment - from whatever reason - not in gainful employment. With translation and development of a marketing concept transitional periods can be used extremely useful.
  3. alleviating the geographical polarization that comes with globalization.

I would point out that setting up a business in the area of ​​software sales requires a lot of patience. Self-discipline and perseverance are therefore properties which are essential for the success of the company.

If you are interested please contact me via