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Getting to know Perpustakaan

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Menu and Toolbar

Menü - Häufige Funktionen zusätzlich über Buttons zugänglich

Steuerung per Barcode definieren
It' s a busy job at the library desk. This is why the major functions cannot only be performed via menus but also via toolbar buttons (see picture above).

Using  bar codes is even more efficient: When the bar code reader for example is placed on a label with "Loan" function, the window which allows to charge the loan will be opened. The picture below shows the variable allocation of pseudo item labels to their corresponding functions.


To avoid double entries you can search your data for different characteristics, especially for the ISBN  (duplicate checking).


After having selected an entry from the list, the following functions are availabele

Item Properties

... for instance by double-clicking an entry in the list.

Eigenschaften von Büchern, Seite 1

Hint: The quantity of information entered may exceed the size of the display. You can for example enter 254 characters for subject headings, but only 60 characters can be displayed. If you press Ctrl + arrow buttons, you can scroll the entry word by word.

Internet Import of catalogue data

Especially in case of library stock building the Import button adjacent to the ISBN field is particularly useful. When the ISBN has been entered, the Import button invokes an automatic Internet search for the catalogue data at various suppliers. In the meantime you may enter data yourself, the copy data for instance. When the Internet search is finished, the catalogue data are automatically completed. Marvellous, isn' t it?;-)  (The availability of these services cannot be guaranteed.)
Item Properties, page 2

Eigenschaften von Büchern, Seite 2

Item Properties, page 3

Eigenschaften von Büchern, Seite 3

One catalogue record can comprise several copies.

The number in the Label field is required to uniquely identify an item in case of loan or return. Furthermore, it is particularly useful with bar code readers;  manual keyboard entry is however allowed (the id may consist of letters as well). Avery Zweckform provides a comfortable software to create and print individual labels
 (Price: € 50,-- VAT included; status: 2003). Labels in stock, either printed on your own or provided by a supplier, can be individually allocated to the library items. Thus, it is not necessary to print a certain number.

Damages of items are displayed in case of loan or return. If an item is not available, it is not charged and the specific reason for non-availability is displayed.


Hint: Internet /Intranet Search  / OPAC push

But also the main user interface offers a lot of powerful features - for instance the basic search function: All search terms are linked by the Boolean operator AND. Full text search allows searching in all kind of fields including the Annotation field.


More complex options are offered by advanced search! Example: Everbody is talking about Java.You don't want to know something about the programming language, but about the island of Java. Choose advanced search to eliminate unwanted items as follows:


Detailed Presentation

Detail-Anzeige Recherche-Ergebnis

OPAC Restrictions

Authorization can be restricted to Search function by allocating a user identification (Windows user name) to a certain user category. For Windows versions without login requirement a specific start-up program is provided granting access to Read Only Mode.

Benutzerverwaltung mit Einschränkungs-Möglichkeit auf OPAC-Nutzung

List of References

Clicking Print (in search mode) produces a results list either as hardcopy or in HTML or XML format:


User Administration

Lesereigenschaften, Seite 1

An entry in the field Id Card Number is required to uniquely identify the user at the library issue desk. If a bar code reader is used for charging, the Id number will normally consist of digits (see Label), however, abbreviations of the name are also permitted. Perpustakaan checks the unique allocation.

Lesereigenschaften, Seite 2

Press the  "..." button to add reasons for withdrawal of borrowing privileges.

Verwaltung der Sperrgründe für Leser


Now, it is getting interesting: Register Id card and item using the bar code reader and charging is already accomplished.

Ausleihe über Barcode-Eingabe

Acoustical signals inform you whether charging has been successfully completed. Without having a look on the screen  you will immediately realize a specific situation, for instance if 

. . . and ...................

Rücknahme über Barcode-Eingabe

How is the date due for return stipulated?

Medienart mit Ausleihfrist

Reguläre Öffnungszeiten

Außergewöhnliche Schließungszeiten

. . . completely automatical!

Special requests are also supported: If, for example, all material shall be on loan until the end of the school year.

Overdue list
If return has been neglected:
Aufruf Säumnisliste

List of slow readers

Alternatively, an overdue notice is being provided, which can be adapted with Crystal Reports!


Classified according to holdings, loans and transaction rate  the following statistics (results in percent) are available:

Output is provided via XML in a browser window which allows to edit the statistics with MS Word for instance by using the "Select all" function. Example:

Statistics according to class mark
From 01.01.2002
To 31.12.2002
Class Mark

Wcb 54 33 61
Wcc 33 12 36
Wce 77 52 68
Wcg 44 21 48
Wcm 55 91 165
Wco 23 12 52
Wcr 82 5 6
Wct 91 66 73
Wcx 11 8 73
Wc* 470 470 64

W* 2105 1108 53

No statement
245 97 40
Grand total
27831 14754 53

Last but not least

The author of Perpustakaan already developped library software for  medium-range data technology which is in use in public libraries with up to 170.000 library items. On the basis of this experience Perpustakaan - a library software for windows - was particularly created to meet the requirements of small libraries.

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