The main idea of the Cameleon Open Source Project (Camelon OSP) is to liberate from technology. Formulations frequently occurring should be soluble in simplest imaginable way; the application developer should not get in touch with the used technology in this cases. Thus, we may exchange technology to match operating needs at a situated time.

Main Emphasis

First of all, typical needs for developing database applications have been faced, e.g. navigating through big amounts of data, selecting an entry for editing, copying etc. and saving the new or changed data. To edit properties as stored in a database, there is e.g. a class DataPropertyAdministration available, which is the super class of various entity property administrations.

Range of Goods offered

At the moment, approx. 700 Cameleon OSP components support database near UI building via Swing, Applet. Servlet and JSP technology. Please read the corresponding chapters for each solution. Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2/400 and MS Access SQL dialects are supported.

See also: Deutsche Anleitung Für Cameleon.pdf von Gunter Koch

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