Cameleon OSP FAQ

What does the comment "//elementary!" at the begin of a class mean?
It indicates the project setup utility, that the class should be copied and adaptet, when a project is initialized on the base of an existing project.

Why don't you use XML to define your user interface in editorial way?
Well, we love our compiler! It indicates us our faults at compile time easily. Thus, we reduce debug of runtime errors. Furthermore, Cameleon OSP is "predominantly editorial", what means, we want to maintain the programmers power to do every individual stuff that he needs directly.

Isn't the most important thing that you start projects with a focus on a multi tier design?
No, we don't think so. We prefere to set our focus on the problem we want to solve. Thus, we code the application technology independent. Afterwards we'll see where multi tier is necessary and switch it framework-sided or do that in detail individually. Concluding, we simply like to provide a trend-setting architecture, which the middle classes may afford.

What to do to support another database?
Besides the technical aspects of finding a suitable driver, the SQL dialect aspects are solved by isolating database specific syntax in subclasses of de.must.dataobj.SqlDialect. Build a new SqlDialect subclass based on a copy of the nearest version, adapt and register it in de.must.dataobj.ConnectionHolder.

German FAQ
Also there is a FAQ in German language available at http:/

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