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IT Specialist for Java Architectures

with main emphasis standardized database applications

Availability:  14 days max.

Name: Christoph Mueller
Age: 64 years
Qualification: Graduate engineer
IT activity: 35 years
Programing languages: Java, COBOL, RPG
Languages: German mother tongue, English fluently
Christoph Müller

Current activities see also (free Library Software among others)

Short characteristics

Practitioner with a distinctive sense of simplification and automation. Speaks the language of the users. Experienced project manager.

Professional experience:

1987-1989 Development of standard software for furniture manufacturing

Customizations, master file management programs, parts lists, statistics, customer individual data dictionary.
Branch: Enterprise consultation furniture industry
Operating systems: S/36
Programing languages: RPG II

1989-1990 Development of standard software for trade and metal industry

Customizations of IBM FAS (manufacturing control) and others.
Branch: Trade, mechanical engineering
Operating systems: OS/400
Databases: DB2/400
Programing languages: RPG, COBOL

1990-1994 Product management of software for public libraries

Conception, project management during the complete development process. The product meets all requirements of public libraries, e.g. catalogization, enquiry, repurchase, reservation, acquisition and data interchange. In the course of the project the basics became new enterprise standard.
Branch: Municipal administrations
Operating systems: OS/400 / Windows
Databases: DB2/400
Programing languages: COBOL, Delphi

1995 EDIFACT introduction

After some years of already coordinating data between branch offices and head office an EDIFACT interface was introduced to communicate with clients.
  • Report at incoming order
  • Plausibility checks with qualification
  • Inquiry of the possible delivery date
  • Surface view control including detail display and OK for takeover
  • Job acknowledgment by EDIFACT
Complete project management including coordination between branch offices and head office.
Branch: Fittings trade
Operating systems: OS/400
Databases: DB2/400
Programing languages: COBOL, Delphi

1995-1997 Product management of software for organization documents, files and optical storage

Conception and realization with different users (several modules). Development of up compatible interfaces to thematically adjacent applications of other producers, e.g. marketing systems, visual storage systems and fax software. The product honors itself by practical workflow and shoot enquiries at large data stocks.

To support PC word processing "real" client/server architecture was implemented: One AS/400 server job in native programing serves one PC session, e.g. for selecting addresses into WinWord.

Further simplifications of the AS/400 development by generators e.g.

  • complete generation of the basic application including data dictionary, parameter administration, comfortable entitlement system etc.
  • automatic construction of the tables and the enterprise-widely approved access programs (would one say entity beans to this today) using the application internal data dictionary, which is also base for the field obtained help
  • mask suggestions
Branch: Municipal administrations
Operating systems: OS/400
Databases: DB2/400
Programing languages: COBOL, Delphi

1997-1998 Development of standard software for organized use of Winword by AS/400 applications

Provisioning of the base know-how. Realization for several Windows and Word versions as well as several protocols (dataqueues / FTP - NS-Router / TCP/IP). The product is to implement by using an alternative command interface to OfficeVision (e.g. MRGDOC). Filing organization is furthermore controlled by the AS/400 application.
Branch: AS/400 developer tools
Operating systems: OS/400, Windows NT
Databases: DB2/400
Programing languages: COBOL, Delphi, Word-VB

1998-1999 Development of java class libraries as base for high standardized platform independent database applications

Based on the experiences in the processing large amounts of data with AS/400, Java components have been developed systematically and approved in exemplary applications. This contains among others:
  • entity beans
  • visual database components
  • abstract Frame classes for data selection and data modification
  • simplest care of n: m relations
  • user variable menus
  • parameter administration
  • import of arbitrary database structures (including DB2/400)
  • frame generation from database definitions
  • standard windows call passing registry data among others by Delphi
Example applications have been among others:
  • Inventory administration (same functionality as established AS400 product)
  • Marketing system with internet e-mail scan
Result: Modules for professional database applications with minimal definition overhead. Classes, method names and documentation by the way in English language.
Operating systems: Windows NT
Databases: MS Access, DB2/400 among others
Programing languages: Java (JBuilder)

1999 Data replication in the heterogeneous network, production automation and others

Automated data interchange about system neutral interface. Beyond this automation of internal production processes using FTP, analyses to global application modifications as well as tools for automatic mapping of these modifications.
Branch: Consultation motor vehicle trade
Operating systems: OS/400, Windows NT
Databases: DB2/400
Programing languages: COBOL, RPG

1999 Interface to control Word for Windows by java applications

Makes Word for Windows accessible for java programmers. Import of macros isn't required since Windows automation comes to use. The driver is called by static methods of the java class "WordProcessing", e.g.
WordProcessing.typeTextAtBookmark("AddressLine1", "O'Reilly & Associated, Inc."); 
Branch: Software Engineering
Operating systems: Windows NT
Programing languages: Java, Pascal (Delphi)

1999-2000 Extensions of a logistics system in the course of the consolidation of high rack and conveyor technique

Design and realization of function-related extensions, implementation of TCP/IP-Socket communication on the control of high racks and conveyor systems. Asynchronous processing elements via dataqueues.
Branch: Trade (motor vehicle accessories)
Operating systems: OS/400
Databases: DB2/400
Programing languages: RPG, C (AS/400)


2000-2001 e-commerce projects at, Stuttgart - Active and passive personalization of web offers
Branch: Electronic trade
Operating systems: Windows NT
Databases: Oracle 8i
Programing languages: Java
Tools: Together J, Bea Weblogic


2001 Component developement for building browser database applications

The existing framework for building database applications has been extended by browser components. By the same instructions, alternatively swing user interfaces or browser user interfaces (e.g. HTML) may be created.

Usage option 1:
HTML and JSP-less developement of browser database applications. The HTML user interface is flexibly generated by independent layout classes.

Usage option 2: 
Implementation of these components in JSPs and their "useBean" classes.
Operating systems: Linux
Databases: MySQL
Programing languages: Java
Tools: Apache Tomcat


2002 Support of the Cameleon Open Source Project

Operating systems: Linux
Databases: MySQL, Oracle, DB2/400, Access
Programing languages: Java
Tools: Apache Tomcat

 ... and more Java projects up to today