Java bean for Crystal Reports™

Interface to control Crystal Reports™ by Java applications
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Unfortunately, printing in Java isn't very nice, yet. Meanwhile, satisfy your customers by printing via Crystal Reports™. As far as your target platform is supported by Crystal Reports™, you may use its advantages. Print nice and easy to build reports from database tables easily!

Enter your report parameters and press 'Ok' Sample for Report Parameter Input

And this is what you get:

Report Sample

Let's spy a bit how it is done:

  print("ReportName", connectionSpecification, "{tableName.columnName} like '*searchedFragment*'");
  protected void print(String reportName, ConnectionSpecification connectionSpecification, String whereCondition) {
    Report.exec(reportName, connectionSpecification, isOutputToWindow(), whereCondition);

The Report class will connect to the API for Crystal Reports™ and do the job!
Free Download (V 1.6,  413 kB) Driver for Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95 - last updated 12/27/02 (2.3 MB, optional download) Crystal Reports™ DLLs: Crpaig32.dll, Crpe32.dll, Implode.dll, p2sodbc.dll, Pdsodbc.dll as well as u2fhtml.dll, u2ddisk.dll for HTML output. (More to be found at the Crystal Visual Component Library (VCL) site - check runtime.hlp whether your database needs specific DLLs)

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