One application - different dresses

Why should we use different approaches for different user interface technologies? There is an opportunity to write code once and run it as Swing application and as Browser application! How? Create your application technology independent, use this core framework for building database applications.

What is Cameleon?

This is not yet another e-commerce framework. You may create e-commerce applications or another e-commerce-framework based on this framework. But this framework is the ultimative core of easy building database applications in general. Let's call it:

Framework for developing reliable database applications in a technology independent and predominantly editorial way.

What's remarkable with this framework?

It specifies an approach to the abstract definition of database applications particularly concerning user interface and persistence. At the moment, it implements two conversions concerning UI:

Concerning persistence the framework supports at the moment relational databases (4 common dialects).
What does this paradigm provide?
The camelon technique of replacing technology


Get the source code here! (8 MB zip file, please acknowledge Licence.txt)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Further information

Detailed documentation (also part of the download)
Documentation posted from Cameleon OSP users in German language
The official component overview and download page